Tuesday, February 19, 2013

6:30-8:00 pm

Join Dr. Edgar Tyson, Lauren Gardner, and Debangshu Roychoudhury from Fordham University as they discuss the advances in Hip-Hop Therapy and Psychology derived from their annual conference. Hip Hop Psychology is a school of philosophical inquiry which seeks to use the artistic components of Hip Hop (movement, visual art, music production and emceeing) as a means to provide a culturally sensitive, multi-linguistic way of expressing in a therapeutic or medical context.http://www.hiphoppsychology.org

Higher Learning is presented as part of the Schomburg’s Hip-Hop 4.0 Initiative to examine the ways educators are using hip-hop culture to engage and teach K-12 students in classrooms and the community. Hip-Hop 4.0 is curated by Martha Diaz, founding director of the Hip-Hop Education Center.

Free! Register here, or go to schomburgcenter.eventbrite.com

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