Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival Presents


hosted by Tweetboogie & Nubian NeNe

Every July, New York City hosts one of the most anticipated annual street dance competitions, LADIES BATTLE! Each summer New York becomes host to some of the best dancers from around the world competing and showcasing their talents. Dancers from Russia, Korea, Austria, Switzerland, and Japan come to perform and battle as part of a weekend of events for Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival.

The 2014 LADIES BATTLE consists of 1-on-1 Popping, Waacking and 2-on-2 Hip-Hop, and 2-on 2 House…. an international challenge where Hip-Hop culture’s favorite dancers come and prove themselves. We will showcase a preliminary round to uncover the best and top sixteen dancers of the evening. Doors open and our DJs will be playing hip-hop, funk, house, soul, classics and more!

The winners will be awarded cash prizes, gift bags and one-year “bragging rights” to reign supreme the amongst the best. The winner can boost themselves as one of the world’s best female Hip-Hop dancers! The event is judged by a panel of elite dancers form around the world like Tweetboogie, Rokafella, Nubian NeNe, Peaches, and many more… Come spend the week with us and watch extraordinary performances and electrifying, exhilarating and action-packed battles that will all be documented for cultural preservation.  Don’t miss it… LADIES BATTLE!

Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival

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